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Here's a Reality Check

Everything around you was created by a human mind. The chair you are sitting on was a tree until someone somewhere came up with the idea of a chair. The design of your house. The education system. Capitalism. All human creations. Humans, just like you. Amazing, right?

We ALL are the Creators, the Shapers, the Birth-Givers of this reality. Yet, somehow we keep on forgetting all of that.

So… given that you are surely going to die, how could you give yourself the gift of a well-spent life? What is it that you want? 

To create your own business. To live more playfully. To put an end to predatory fishing practices. To live in a house by nature. To clear out from sexual shame. Whatever you want, can you own it?

At Become, we focus on supporting each other to have clarity of what we want, to embrace it, and to make it happen - and, of course, to do it all from a place of love and joy.

Ultimately, it is about empowerment. We want you to connect to your innate power to shape your reality and be all you came here to be.

We do this through our community, online courses, workshops, and mastermind groups. We surround ourselves with like-minded people. We go deeper, together.

Our process invites deep self-connection and action. Our main themes include clarity, presence, mindfulness, intentions, discipline, heart connection, boundaries. It's about solid foundations.

We integrate business and personal development. What we are going for is alignment of mind, heart, body, and soul. Heart over ego, taking action.

Become = Be + Do

Knowing what we want is not enough if we don’t use our power to create it.

Ready to consciously create your reality?

What Our Members Are Saying

"The Setting Intentions course was an intense journey with great discoveries and self-care. I've recognized my own patterns and found a way to make meaningful changes." Mariana Molinos, 35, Photography Director

"Thank you so so so much. The Setting Intentions program changed my life and I am looking forward to making it to the foundation of further healthy development." Wyn Tiedmers, 32, Illustrator

"If you're unsure of what you truly want out of life, what makes you excited you will find these answers here. The Setting Intentions program will clarify and structure confusing thoughts. I have a clear direction now!"Nathalie Johansson, 34, Business Consultant

About Me & My Vision

Hi! I'm Aline, the creator, facilitator, healer, writer, and goofball behind Become. 

My parents are scientific researchers and I grew up running between their labs. Observation, questioning everything, and seeing a bigger picture are what make me, me. I grew up surrounded by philosophy, Buddhist, and psychology books and meditate since I was 14 years old. Reality is an infinite onion that I love peeling - which has inevitably led me to many existential crises and rabbit holes of my own. What does not kill you makes you stronger, right? 

I went to business school and for years I used my investigative skills for marketing purposes, working for start-ups and nonprofits. I eventually had an existential breakthrough that led me to quit everything - my job, my country, my relationship - and go on a sabbatical for two years. During this break, I decided to put my energy to better usage: to support more people to get clarity and inner alignment, so we can all live more intentional, empowered, and fulfilling lives. In better words, to peel more onions, together.

It came to me that what we are constantly losing sight of is the very basics of life: 

Do I know what I really want? Why am I setting for less, and not going after my dreams? Why can't I say no to people? Why am I anxious, instead of enjoying the present moment? Why am I so hard on myself?

Back to basics. Solid foundations. The stuff we think we got covered, but keep forgetting. That's where clarity, alignment, love, and power reside.

As I see it, we are all artists, and our greatest work of art is how we live our lives. Yet, we put more time preparing work meetings than we put energy into how we want our daily lives to be. Become is here to change that. 

Ultimately, I believe in a world where we are deeply connected to our hearts and live in harmony, for we all honor the gift of being alive and our innate power to create our own reality. 

More from Our Members

"Full of inspiration and it can be very challenging too, as it may invite you out of your comfort zone. It has guided me to have very important insights. Totally recommend!" Daniela Caldellas, 37, Music Producer

"The Setting Intention program helped me in an easy way to understand my own intentions more clearly and gave me a supportive framework for what I should focus on to make my intentions real." Stefan Liström, 40, Project Manager

"The Setting Intentions program is for anyone who would like to collect their thoughts, develop as a person, learn to focus on what matters. A non-overwhelming program that focuses on what sparks excitement and motivation in you. Aline is guiding you with structure and love to a life more in alignment with yourself." Cecilia Olsson, 32, Economist

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